Tips On Anger Management

Tips On Anger Management

Though anger is common in both gender, men are prone to get violent. Its important therefore to learn the skills of anger management. The world we live today is more stressful, and people get frustrated and irritated more often thus resulting in anger. Anger can spoil relationships, work life and harmful to self and people around.

Tips on the anger management:

Give yourself time out

Before you start reacting to tense situation you must take few minutes. Breath deep, count 10 to 1, backwards also help. Instantly if you react you may end up doing more harm. Take minutes to think and then react. This break helps in defusing the aggression.

Tips on anger management

Express anger when you have become calm

Expressing anger is needed, as if you don’t express anger, there can be building of frustration and also can cause resentment. But its essential that before expressing anger you can think clearly so that you anger is expressed in assertive manner and is non confrontational. Express the reason behind the anger and talk open about it but when you are calm down.

Get some exercise

Physically working out also helps as exercise releases hormones which make you feel good, lighter, happier etc. get in fresh air, helps clearing mind, walk, run or jog, or do any activity is beneficial.

This is must-Think before you do speaking

In anger we end up doing things which we might regret later and can be harmful for us too. So think before you speak something and then say. Words once spoken cannot be taken back. Harm done is done.

Drink a glass of water

Ways to control anger
Ways to control anger

Drinking water helps in calming down. Also it relaxes body as well.

Use I statement

That is while being angry don’t criticize and blame upon others, but use I statement expressing what exactly made you feel angry.

Try to forgive and then let go

Forgiving and letting go is important because if there is still anger, resentment in you it causes harm to you as you keep thinking about it which will make you angrier.

Practice techniques for relaxation


Use humor for releasing tension

or Pranayam exercise, Yoga all help in calming and relaxation of mind.

Humor can also help in lighten anger causing situation. However, make sure you are not being too sarcastic, as this can hurt and irate other person and make it worst.

Seek help

Anger Management is challenge. And if anger is an issue for you, wherein you hurt yourself and others you love then its better to seek professional help. Counseling or going for psychotherapy is good in managing the acute anger problems. Seeking help doesn’t mean you are weak or wrong it shows that you have courage and want to solve your anger problem.