Mona Vie Juice Fast Weight Loss

Mona Vie Juice  Fast Weight Loss

Antioxidants, Are They Important To Our Health? The Mona Vie juices are getting more and more popular with each passing day. This is because the juice is made from the Acai berry, which contains huge amounts of antioxidants. To many health enthusiasts, the word “antioxidants” is like cash - their eyes light up when they come across this friendly term. They like this word because it is general knowledge that antioxidants help cleanse the system and improve the immune system, which in turn leads to better overall health.

Mona Vie juices are sold through distributors. Anyone can consider distributing Mona Vie products if they find them a good fit. For example a fitness coach, might want to increase his/her students’ energy levels and increase their vitality with the consumption of Mona Vie juices while making an extra income from it.

Everyone knows that the human body takes in a certain amount of toxins everyday. Sometimes, the amount is so small that we are not even aware of it. When you sit down to ponder over this, you realize that there are many situations when we may be inhaling or consuming harmful toxins unknowing.

For example, you may be eating vegetables with pesticide on it. Or you may be addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. Drinking and smoking allows harmful toxins to build up very quickly. Some people may be exposed to harmful toxins that is in the environment. For instance, if you work in a chemical factory, chances are you may be breathing in harmful toxins day in and out without being aware of what is happening.

In the short term, there are no visible effects. The human body has its own defenses, and it should be able to deal with small amounts of toxins. However, toxin levels can build up to harmful levels quickly if you are not careful. When that happens, the body fails to respond adequately, and the immune system is weakened.

Antioxidants can help cleanse the body and reverse the process. By helping to break down harmful toxins in the body, the body is able to get rid of excess toxins at a faster rate. This allows the body time to heal.

What most people don’t know about antioxidants.

Most people know that antioxidants offer many health benefits. So they take health supplements and health foods that are rich in antioxidants, hoping that they will help reduce the chances of being stricken by heart diseases or cancer.

What most people don’t know is that clinical research has shown that a small dose of antioxidants (about 60mg) daily is enough to strengthen the immune system. However, when large doses are taken (200mg or more) daily, the immune system actually becomes weaker than before!

Therefore, for best effects, it is wise to take such health supplements and juices with moderation. Don’t over stuff the body with huge amounts of antioxidants just because everyone says it’s good for you. The antioxidants may even become pro-oxidants!

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