Provillus for Women: Hair Reborn

Provillus for Women: Hair Reborn

To all the ladies out there, protect the health of your crowning glory with Provillus for Women. It makes perfect sense why some women are addicted to keeping their tresses in picture perfect form – because it enhances their overall look.

Once in a while, everyone gets a tad agitated when they’re having “a bad hair day.” Something doesn’t feel right and something definitely doesn’t look right.

But just imagine the dismay of someone who’s actually losing hair?! That’s even more troubling. Startling statistics indicate that 25% of women experience Female Pattern Baldness.


Genetic hair loss, scientifically known as Alopecia, is attributed to 95% of women’s hair loss.

Hormonal imbalances are so commonplace with women. Biological realities such as pregnancies, thyroid problems and menopause are factors that throw your hormones into a frenzy.

Health conditions – like cancer and diabetes – necessitating the need for particular medications may, likewise, trigger hair loss.


With Provillus for Women, there’s no need to be alarmed. This product was formulated to nourish hair growth from the inside. With its powerful combination of ingredients, Provillus for Women was carefully designed to stimulate the growth of healthy hair. What’s more, you also get nourished hair, healthy skin and a support to certain body processes with its botanical blend.

Ingredients of Provillus for Women

  • Vitamin B6

Vital for protein and red blood cell metabolism, immune and nervous system processes

Increases oxygen in the hemoglobin

Regulates healthy blood sugar levels

Eases premenstrual syndrome symptoms

  • Biotin

Essential for hair growth and healthy nails and skin

  • Magnesium

Maintains bones, muscles and nerves

Necessary for skin health and elasticity

  • Horsetail

Enhances circulation and rejuvenates connective tissues

Regenerates the epithelial layer

  • Para-aminobenzoic Acid (PABA)

Aids metabolism and usage of amino acids

Supports red blood cells and folic acid production by the intestinal bacteria

Important for intestinal health, skin and hair pigment

Go for what’s a clinically proven hair growth treatment. Order Provillus for Women today!

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