what causes gray hair

what causes gray hair
gray hair causes

At some point in our lives, men and women, experience on the set of what causes gray hair. Not unlike popular belief Gray hair is always on the old ones. what causes gray hair can be as young as in our youth and our range of end 50 and older happening.
Everyone is different, but it puts the dye our hair the same way. The cells in our hair follicles produce called “melanocytes” the largest pigments are melanin. This brings us to your hair “color.” When the melanocytes stop producing pigment, the result will be transparent hair. The transparent hair against dark hair with a healthy sense of gray hair. In fact, there’s the gray hair, but transparent.
what causes gray hair to behave this way heritage. If your mother or father started to gray at a young age are the opportunities, you can also suffer from premature gray hair. This is not always the case. Age has a major role in aging. The pigment of the hair shaft produced by cells at the bottom of the root hair, and as they grow older these cells start with less pigment until all the pigment in hair and hair end up with transparent .
Gray hair can lead to illness. If possible deficiency of vitamin B12 or a thyroid imbalance also resulted in suffering hair go gray.
what causes gray hair is a psychological shock or trauma. Studies have shown that if this happens it is usually due to alopecia areata. What happened here is that the hair grow thicker, dark to stop the growth before the effects of gray hair, gray hair suggested during the night. Alopecia areata eventually causes round patches of hair loss or total hair loss.

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