Ulcer-Symptoms,Treatment and Relationship between Stress and Ulcer

Ulcer-Symptoms,Treatment and Relationship between Stress and Ulcer
stomach pain ulcer Ulcer Symptoms,Treatment and Relationship between Stress and Ulcer

Ulcers vary in size that of a pin-head to about 2.5 cm in diameter ,but they are seldom large in rare cases, however, ulcers become so big that they prevent food from leaving the stomach.

1.Peptic ulcers develop in the stomach where digestion takes place. If thee ulcer is located in stomach, it is called gastric ulcer, if it is in the duodenal region, which comes after the stomach is is called a duodenal ulcer.

2.It is estimated that at least half a million people in the U.S.A alone have ulcers.

3.When an ulcer penetrates through the stomach or the duodenum, it is called a perforated ulcer. This is a serious condition.

4.Ulcers sometimes develop -but very rarely -into cancer .In this case, the cure depends on early detection and surgical treatment.

5.Ulcers are most common in people in the age group of 38 to 53 years.


Heartburn , belching , discomfort or pain in stomach might indicate ulcers related to food.


1.Treatment of ulcer is mainly a matter of rest , diet and medicine. Some medicines are given to relax the muscles and other medicines are given to coat the ulcer and neutralize the acid in the stomach .

2.Food should be non-irritating ,bland and with few spices.

3.The best cure is to change the pattern of life. There should be no physical strain or emotional strain.

4.Surgery nowadays is very seldom resorted to in ulcer cases.

5.One way of neutralizing the effect of the excess acid which causes ulcers is to ensure that something is eaten ,say , every two hours .Even a biscuit or two is sufficient.

6.If the ulcer cure regime is properly followed ,you can be completely cured and lead a vigorous and useful life.


It has been established that stress and worry are two main factors that lead to development of ulcers. Ulcers are often caused by emotional stress like jealousy, frustration ,guilt of loneliness.

1. Stress gives rise to excess acid in the stomach and this excess acid cause ulcer.

2 .In one experiment , the dogs were not given food which they were expecting .This made them angry and frustrated .These dogs later developed ulcers.